Meet the Artist

“I say, there's only one rule in ART, to be Creative!.” ~MDR

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Prayer Symbol

Rouse is a Powerful Logo, A Symbol representing our brands unique ART that speaks to People without words...establishing a relationship through the Joy of Inspiration with Colors and Creativity. 


The "R™" of rouse is the logo of a Praying Symbol, kneeling iZ communicating the true spirit of the brands relationship with God recognizing the only common denominator in all of the beliefs is "Prayer" a communication that takes place within  (Love) expressed in the most intimate vibrations, prayer...experiencing the most supernatural relationship we can have. No communication no relationship.    

The Incredible Journey of Artist, Marvin D. Rouse

Art is a creative gift.  It gives a person the chance to express what they feel – and then to transform that feeling – that vision – into reality through design.

Some realize their gift from an early age.  Such was the case with Marvin D. Rouse, a Southwest Florida artist and entrepreneur who is making his mark world-wide through a number of mediums that all have one thing in common – Art.

Marvin was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, the second of five children. He and his brothers and sisters were brought up by a single parent – his mother – who worked extremely hard to provide for the family of six. But it was his mother's work ethic and determination to succeed that allowed Rouse to not only dream – but to dream big.

It was at the age of five that Rouse first realized his love for art. It was his Uncle that inspired him as he showed his young nephew how to draw a car out of a stretched circle and a couple of wheels. From that experience Marvin began coloring and doing abstracts with crayons. Since then, a drawing instrument has never left his hand.

His dream of making a living from his artistic talent came very early in life.  In fact, it was at the age of nine that Rouse told his siblings that he was going to own his own business one day – a business as an Artist that would allow him to support his own family and provide them with the things he could only dream of as a child.


That bold statement began to take root before Marvin even left his teenage years.  It all started when through his 1st mentor company, Puffer PC would, commissioned Marvin to create an underwater-themed mural on the campus of Indiana University. 

The success of that endeavor lead the owner of Planet Pizza to hire young Rouse to turn the bland walls inside his restaurant into a star-filled, planet-filled galaxy. When the same owner opened a second location, Marvin was hired once again.  But this time the planets would glow thanks to the use of special paint, fiber-optics and black lights.

Those three jobs became the foundation for Rouse Designs.

In 1998, Marvin moved from Indianapolis to Naples, Florida, which was a part of his childhood dream to live where there was a beach and palm trees. He continued to focus on creating wall murals, many with a tropical flair. It was in May of 2000 that the faux finish and mural work he did in a client's home was recognized in a feature story that appeared in the Sunday section of the Naples Daily News.

The publicity helped propel Rouse Designs into the spotlight – and business boomed. Since that fateful Sunday Marvin has completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects throughout Southwest Florida and in various cities up and down the Florida coast, as well as out-of-state.

As fulfilling as creating wall and ceiling murals, faux finishes, oil paintings and trompe l'oeil designs were, Marvin had visions of people literally embracing his creative soul.  Not only could he see their faces – he knew he had to draw them. And draw he did.


After bringing a number of these soulful images to life, Marvin made the decision to share them with others. He did just that by starting Rouse Wear – a clothing line, starting with T-shirts that had his artful facial images printed on them. Almost immediately they began to fly off the proverbial “website” shelf, as well as several boutique clothing stores throughout the states. He is ultimately working to open his own retail store front in Naples Fl where the artist is based.

From his earliest memories, selling his first shirt with his art at 12, Marvin knew what he wanted to become – an artist of substance. And Marvin never had a doubt his dream would come true or that his passion for creativity would fail to find new channels. That's because his art-filled life's journey has been a blessing. Or as he calls it, “A gift from God.”

This spiritual connection is evident in Marvin's first company logo. The design of the “R” in or near Rouse was created with what appears to be a small letter “i” with a capital “Z” immediately to its right. But, if one looks closely, one would see what appears to be a person kneeling down and praying.

As Marvin often says, “Art is just not seen – it's felt.” Perhaps nowhere is that more true than in one's heart – and in one's soul.

Written By: Duane Sulk