The Power of Art

The Power of Art is everything expressed and created to be. Everything that has been created or invented has included an artistic process, rather a simple sketch, or music, invention, it's a detailed model of the imagination, rather it be an oil painting by one of the masters or an architectural renderings for a high rise building, the one thing that is always true, is that it is an expression of ones self imagination and souls expression is being shared and felt. 

For all we know throughout recorded history art has been one of the most important roles of mankind in the very way creation creating though itself... creating from ones imagination is  a gift, rather its symbols of meaning to communicate or inventing something for the use of it's need. 

When I think about art  being a major part of this existence and all that matters, I am humbled to be one of which this creative love flowing with feeling expressing itself through me is alive and powerful, and not for only how it makes me feel but others also.

When you hear the word ART what comes to mind? Is it one of the greats, Picasso, Rouse,  Van Gough, Andy Warhol, Dali, etc...or is it colors, movement, architecture, design, music, poetry?  Creatively they are just a few, I believe we all are creative, but only few were chosen that followed their souls calling to create the things that were unique to them and master a creative expression to share with all to see. 

It's those that trust their path and own their truth and it's true expression are gifted the power and create the opportunity to share it with all. Enduring the challenges of becoming and the joys of learning, sharing my art during the journey has been key to continuing with passion.  Art is a unique voice that speaks in shapes, colors, love and more, it's creations are endless. Art is the creative force that  has the power to alter the way people see things rather it's the seen or the unseen. Art has the power to uplift the spirit to a place of joy rather one is down or up, if your down, a colorful loved filled painting can alter you mood by lifting you up to a better mood...and if your already feeling good, you feel even better!

What I am saying here is that Art is a power that creates and expresses it'self in the infinite, because it is all imagination based out of love and it goes on forever. My gift of art is my communication to the people without words, communicating my souls journey in colorful truth. May it uplift and excite the imagination of all to the most beautiful colors of life!

As all things continue to change, one thing will always remain the same, creativity will be creating. "The Power of Art..."


Many Blessings,


Marvin D. Rouse






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