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Our New Website RouseArt

This new website has been quite the project, as an artist that works on several projects at one time, I am happy to be getting to a point where we can finally launch this new site.

We had our 1st website for 13yrs, created in 2003 to establish and online presence for Rouse Designs Art online. Back then we paid $3,400.00 for a website, which was pricey, and at that price you would think you wouldn't have much work to do personally, but it was, a lot of very in-depth details to the project. We had to supply all the pictures, descriptions; content of all the art design projects that we had completed. This was just my responsibility to provide the web developers, as they would be the ones that wrote the code, placed key words I came up with and provided the hosting for the site.

Back in 2003 there were no smart phones or tablets that provided online shopping and other devises features that are supported by today's web platforms. Being that my old sites web platform was not mobile or device friendly, it ultimately was effecting our online presence and customer conversions for our ecommerse portion of the site.

Another great aspect of having this new site, is the creative control, offers. Companies like us who are in constant need of updating our website with pictures of the newly completed projects and Art works has the freedom to do so. Doing this in the past would be a charge with our other web companies, every pic or image with content we needed updated on our site came with a fee including the time to provide them the pics and descriptions. 

We have several business that rotate around the art we sell created by me,  like artistic services,  t-shirts, hats, paintings, prints, etc. In doing this previously we had three separate websites to market and provide each idea to the people online world wide,,

  • 2003 provided marketing for Rouse Designs a Naples based interior and exterior creative wall finishes and mural company.
  • 2007 provided an e-comerse site where we sold my (Marvin D. Rouse) 1-2 color art designs on t-shirts, which were the original collection from 2006. 
  • 2012 launched the "Signature Color Collection" a new collection of full color designs being offered on site we built on godaddy's e commerce platform, web-builder, with this I was able to have more control of the sites content without the extra cost.

In order to get an updated platform and full creative control of the sites, I decided to seek some professional web advise from some great relationships I have developed over the years with contacts that have been in the business for over 10yrs. In this day and age, business owners of all kinds have to learn as much of the industry as possible to have any chance at success. 

Having a full understating of my needs as an entrepreneurial artist and how that translates on a a website is important, it is my communication to the people with my art as visual and descriptive content, but learning how seo and all the intricate details work online was another thing. It's important to take into consideration our goals of having a successful e-commerce site as a place where people who love my art can keep updated with my latest works. Knowing the challenge this presented, it was imperative to seek professional advise and guidance before investing lots of time, effort, money, energy into this new site. 

After a bit of research myself online, I was advised to check out from my  contact, which is exactly what we ended up using to launch all (3) the sites on the same platform. Having all three sites as one allows us to utilize all the traffic  from (3) sites to come to the one site, no longer isolated, but seeing all we do and provide artistically worldwide.

The great thing about as a web builder and me with my limited time as a artist, father, and business owner was it's simplicity, as it was advised to me, the usability and versatility for use by me or my staff is quite easy, from updating pictures to price changes. The other plus is that, it additionally provides all of the technical aspects of SEO, Blogging and a trusted payment processing for e-commerce and much more, which all supports a creative solution for a budgeted way to build a great site. We did contract a web designer for safety, who had some coding experience that helped me with some of the complex areas of building the site (which wasn't much) this was the only additional cost to building this site that would have been in the thousands with hiring a web builder on a platform like Wordpress.  

Now that I have gotten the products we are selling listed and our return policy done, I am ready to see how the site performs. I hope this is the one that really makes all difference!


Artist & CEO

Marvin D. Rouse